‘There was once a virus named Corona,made many of us ill and proved fatal for many others. The cure for the difficult virus as well as vaccine wasn’t ready back then. No sooner had the world come to know about the virus than they had already fallen prey to the Pandemic.

Since the epidemiology of the pathogen indicated the mode of transmission being surface contact or through droplets,extensive measures were advised to prevent further spread of the virus.

One strategy that had worked to contain this virus was physical distancing norms and testing.RT-PCR,convalescent plasma transfusion,temperature screening had become part of our vocabulary back then.Lockdowns were enforced periodically with secondary waves of infections arising now and then. Finally a day came when no new cases crept up,the curves got flattened initially and later dipped. The pandemic got contained.’

Perhaps,it may be plausible for me to write a similar story in the not too distant future.

I wasn’t whiling away time past few months ,my head was buried in panic induced reports in the media,trying to figure out all about covid -19,reading about its history,biology,statistics and precautionary measures.

We are in the throes of the pandemic.People fear me as much as I fear them deserted streets and uncertainity prevails at all levels.Physical distancing and isolation requires us to be rational and trying not to panic. But when distancing becomes the new discourse,there are costs to be met. It’s not easy.Some being stranded,some with missed work ,no work or overwork,adverse socio economic impacts may all lead to anxiety gnawing at us. Change in existing routines and lifestyles and uncertainity may exacerbate the already existing stress.

While people started turning to embrace more technology to help compensate for the downsides of physical distancing, children and adults have something else too to add to their lockdown list of things apart from online school classes or working from home ;though it may seem trivial,and that’s NATURE.

Nature Abhors A Vacuum


Though our streets are deserted, shops closed, bus and railway stations and travel destinations empty nature is teaming with wildlife unless they are hunted down.

With reduced hustle and bustle of people and traffic we can hear sounds of birds better and conspicuous. I sighted these green feathered beauties outside the window. I identified them as ‘rose ringed parakeets'(psittacula krameri)

Rose ringed parakeet- water colour

The Male parakeet has black chin stripe and pink collar and so they are called rose ringed.Both the sexes have green head and long elegant tapered blue green tails and bright red beaks(Richard Grimmett,Carol Inskipp,Tim Inskipp).They have shrilling loud calls.The Male parakeet stretched out towards the female and locks on to its beaks- bill locking(Kotagama and Dunnet(2007)).Rose ringed parakeets are socially monogamous birds and pair for life(Brooks et al,1988)
This struck a chord in me.When we are now in a nettlesome situation , our life staring at us in distraught,theirs look pretty normal.Its a calm reminder that life goes on normal outside our poignant realm.
I found myself as an outlier witnessing a piquant scene . Nature soothes us and helps us endure such egregious times and makes life meaningful. Nature watch is one of the ways to allay anxiety in such unforeseen times,so if possible, let’s take a moment of our lives to peek out the window and we may find ourselves lucky to spot wild life out there and watch their fascinating ways unfold before our eyes.

“You don’t just mean the world to me,you are my world “

Dedrick D.l Pitter