These birds are found solitary or gregarious in forests and gardens, foraging on fruits and insects. They are brown dorsally and white ventrally with red colour near ears, they have a head crest. Gets along well with other birds like babblers and myna, so not pugnacious.

Red whiskered Bulbul- photo
Red whiskered Bulbul – Water Colour Painting
Young ones fed by Parent Bulbul out of their nest

Red Whiskered Bulbul

This bird is found solitary or gregarious in gardens and forests. They are seen on fruit trees, feeding on insects and worms. They have brown upper parts and white underparts and black crest on head, a red coloured plumage near the ears.Seen getting along with other garden birds like red vented bulbul, Robins, Babblers and Myna. We can hear them chattering in groups while foraging.

Red whiskered Bulbul- photograph
Water Colour Painting of Red Whiskered Bulbul

Males and female birds look alike, the younger ones will have shorter crests.

Young Ones fed by Parent Red Whiskered Bulbul after rains out of their nest