To Fight or Flee??

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you were just being yourself and then you are surrounded by a horde of intimidations of various sorts? What would you have done in such testing times? Though you may be competent enough to beat them and tackle them singly ,if given a chance, when they crop up in huge volumes, what would be your response?

Many of the best advice I have heard is to fight them all. But that’s not very easy to extinguish a mob of problems, especially when you are singled out.

I once witnessed a similar situation among birds. It was dawn, there were bird calls that invited my attention. I saw a fallen branch of Acacia tree, on which different varieties of birds were perched. I identified black hooded Oriole, sunbirds, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Common Myna, and House Crow. All of them staring annoyingly at something that I thought was inanimate object, it then came across me that there was a cryptic Owlet in the midst of the noisy mob.

Why were those birds restless and intimidating an owlet. Well, I conjectured, the owlet is a carnivore, may be preying on their eggs and hatchlings. Then what about the House Crow? They too are known for their stealing nature. Are those stories that ‘Crows and Owls’ are enemies, true? or may be it’s because Owls prey on Crow’s eggs too. But what if we were to ask the owl? It would say “I’m just being myself”. That’s how I am programmed to live.

But to remain frozen in the present locus is dangerous. As the situation was getting worse with the Crow calling out it’s friends for majority, the Owlet takes a decision, TO FLEE. It flew to a nearby tree hole and hid within.

We in our life may have come across similar situations, were fighting the grueling abuse is energetically costly at that moment, but fleeing temporarily the hostile circumstances is the ideal choice. The insecure mob in that way will lose their targeted focus.

Water color


Fight, flight, freeze: What this response means- Medically reviewed by Timothy J Legg. PhD, CRNP-Written by Kirsten Nunez on Feb 21, 2020.

Nature’s Marvels-ORIOLE

I never get bored watching the antics of these vibrant golden yellow birds with black eyestripe that resembles the eye makeup of a woman with kohl eye cosmetic and their alluring black bordered wings. They are named as Orioles ..We can see them forage in trees and hear them sing melodiously echoing through the stillness of the woods.

Their territorial face-off and chases enthuse me. Ripe papayas attracts them to the garden. It’s interesting to see how they clamp on to those fruits carving out the sweet flesh and gorge them with their slender pink beaks.

I just couldn’t resist myself from posting these pictures of one of the loveliest marvels of nature. Two of them I clicked with my camera and the other one I painted.

Eurasian golden oriole
Eurasian golden oriole – territorial chases
Black naped oriole and papaya-poster colour
calls of an Eurasian Golden Oriole from Soumo’s Birdbook