Sunday Quiz – Know Your Crows!

It is an interesting post. I enjoyed trying to identify the birds.

Bug Woman - Adventures in London

Dear Readers,

The crow family is not universally popular, and yet for me it contains some of the most interesting and enigmatic birds of all. There is no doubting their intelligence and ingenuity, even if their omnivorous habits and look-at-me antics attract the disgust of those who want to protect their smaller, more vulnerable garden birds. But can we tell them apart? And, trickiest of all, can we identify them by call alone? Hah! Here’s a challenge for you all.

Firstly, what crows are these? Some of these are my personal photographs and, just to make it a bit trickier, they aren’t always the best of shots. I know you’re up to the task.






Photo One by David Hofmann / CC BY ( 6. (Photo One)

Photo Two by gailhampshire from Cradley, Malvern, U.K / CC BY ( 7. (Photo Two)

Photo Three by By Andrew - originally posted to Flickr as chough, CC BY 2.0, 8. (Photo Three)

Ok, so as if that wasn’t tricky enough, have a bash at identifying these crows by call alone. Good luck! NB All…

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Quiz – Know Your Crows!

  1. I must admit I thought all crows were alike – I’ve not seen one up that close and I only knew them by “caw caw” like they did on the old show “Hee Haw” … I had no idea the colors, sizes and calls were so diverse – thank you for sharing this info with us.

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