Sunday Quiz – Know Your Crows! – Answers

Thank you for sharing the answers! Now I started seeing the difference between different crows.Loved the pictures and audio.I’m sure readers will enjoy this one.

Bug Woman - Adventures in London

Dear Readers,

What a corvid-aware bunch you are! In joint first place with 16 correct out of 16 were Sarah and Andrea Stephenson, you both deserve gold stars! In second place, only a single point behind, were Fran and Bobby Freelove with 15 out of 16. And in a very respectable third it’s Charlie Bowman, with 12 out of 16. I couldn’t be more choughed with the results :-).

Here are the answers….

1. Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)

2.Carrion Crow (Corvus corone)

3. Magpie (Pica pica)

4.Jay (Garrulus glandarius)

5. Rook (Corvus frugilegus)

Photo One by David Hofmann / CC BY ( 6. (Photo One) Raven (Corvus corax)

Photo Two by gailhampshire from Cradley, Malvern, U.K / CC BY ( 7. (Photo Two) Hooded crow (Corvus cornix)

Photo Three by By Andrew - originally posted to Flickr as chough, CC BY 2.0, 8. (Photo Three) Red-billed chough (Pyrrhocorax phyrrhocorax)

Ok, so as if that wasn’t tricky enough, here are the calls. It can be so hard to pinpoint them when they’re out of context.

9. Magpie alarm call. I always think of this as a ‘machine gun’.

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